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From Dr. David Gruder

What is the ISN?

ISN is Dr. David Gruder’s private Integrity Social Network. It is for those who value integrity, resonate with what Dr. David Gruder stands for, and want opportunities to dialogue with him — and other like-minded like-hearted and like-spirited people — on a variety of topics.

ISN a place for…

  • Inquiry instead of ideology
  • Dialogue instead of demonization
  • Expressing deepest concerns & highest intentions instead of surface positions or solutions
  • Combining multiple perspectives instead of coercing others into accepting our perspective

In addition to the sections that are available for anyone who is interested, ISN also also houses private (and sometimes hidden) groups for:

  • Gruder Academy course enrollees and membership program participants
  • Initiatives and programs that Dr. Gruder created or is a part of


Post information that broadens & deepens our consciousness, our optimism, & our understanding of how to elevate and what must be overcome for us to succeed.


Find groups, forums, & initiatives to participate in that are aligned with your interests and passions. Find individuals to partner with in bringing light to our world.


Open your eyes to integrious resources that can help turn your passion & purpose into more effective actions that expand your positive impact.

Private & Ethical

The ISN makes every effort to keep this private network protected from hackers.
You get to decide how visible or invisible your posts are.
The ISN is only for those who are aligned with our Code of Ethics (see Terms of Use).


Parts of ISN are for all members to enjoy.
Others are private groups and forums.
All enable you to start new discussions, respond to others, edit your posts, and post privately with specific people.


You decide:
What to put in your profile.
Who you want to engage with.
How to set your post privacy.
What you want to post.
Which forums you would like to create or participate in (of those you’re eligible to join).

About ISN’s Founder

Unfamiliar with Dr. Gruder’s work? You’ll want to learn about it so you can decide whether his private network is for you.

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